The Hans Fleiner Family Foundation is a welfare foundation.

In accordance with its founder (Article 2 of the Articles of Association), donations in the form of sums of money – from the interest on the foundation’s assets – can be distributed to the descendants of the founder’s siblings when they need a grant or when they are in need through no fault of their own.

The beneficiaries are the descendants of Hans Fleiner’s siblings and their descendants. Hans Fleiner was unmarried and his brother, Fritz, had no children either, thus the descendants are members of the Fanny Fleiner, Albert Fleiner and Martha Fleiner family trees.

Social aspect

In the past, when the number of foundation members was smaller, their meetings were held amongst a closer family circle. With the growth of the family, the foundation now also serves as a social circle.

Five generations later, since its establishment in 1923, the foundation has grown from a dozen into a hundred of members. They span a multitude of people, all interesting, with many diverse but also many similar interests. They are scattered in the German and French regions of Switzerland, Germany, France and the USA. 

In 2019, the foundation held a family reunion to bring them together. The reunion was a complete success and fostered a natural sense of belonging. We are looking forward to more such meetings in the future.