Requests for a contribution‚Äč


The beneficiaries are descendants of the siblings of the founder Hans Fleiner. Donations from the income of the foundation capital can be distributed to them. A well-founded application is required for this. It should be addressed to a member of the Board of Trustees by the beginning of March.
Continuous contributions and loans are excluded.

According to a meeting resolution of November 1977, the criteria for the applicants are checked according to previous practice according to the following priorities:

  • Serious illness

  • Emergency situations through no fault of our own

  • Study and professional grants

  • Special circumstances (e.g. moving house, death in the family)


The annual meeting takes place in March. In emergencies, applications have been granted over the course of the year. The next meating of the Board of Trustiees will take place on April 1, 2023 in Aarau.

Training contributions

Based on the meeting resolution of March 21, 2000, all 18-23-year-old direct descendants of Hans Fleiner receive an annual tuition fee from the Hans Fleiner Family Foundation without a request . He gains a little each year of age.


So that we can keep track of the current addresses of all relatives, we would be grateful if you would inform one of the board members close to you about your change of address.
To enable payment transactions, send your address, bank address or that of Postbank, current account with bank code, IBAN and BIC , by e-mail, to Dominique (see below), please also later if you change your address or if you change your bank address.

Contact / Board of trustees

Actuary and Treasury : Dominique Hunziker, Milchgasse 25 CH-5000 Aarau. Tel +41 62 824 32 64

President : Walter Stoffel, 19 route de la Broye, CH-1700 Fribourg. Tel +41 26 323 26 69

Administrator : Henrik Kersten, Tinseltown Music.Maarweg Studios, Maarweg 149-161,-50825 Köln
Tel +49 221-5696076

Administrator : Michael Fleiner, Via Vincenzo Vela 21, CH-6500 Bellinzona, Tel +41 91 825 05 59